Best Director, Best Feature Film – British Urban Film Festival  2015

Best Feature Film at Fingal Film Festival 

Hearts, Mind, and Soul Award at the Rhode Island International Film Festival

Best Actor (Andre Royo/Luca Oriel), Best Actress (Daisy Haggard), Best Screenplay (Jesse Quinones), Best Cinematography (Fabio Dominguez) at the Golden Door International Film Festival

Festival Selections 

Irvine International Film Festival

Fingal Film Festival, 2014

San Francisco Latino Film Festival, 2014

Da Bounce Urban Film Festival, 2014

Cine Las Americas Film Festival, 2014

Texas Black Film Festival, 2014

Bahamas International Film Festival, 2013

London Latin American Film Festival, 2013

Bend Film Festival, 2013

Urban World Film Festival, 2013

Golden Door International Film Festival, 2013

Reel Recovery Film Festival, 2013

Portobello Film Festival, 2013

British Urban Film Festival, 2013

Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival, 2013

Film London LUFF Breakthrough Strand, 2013

Miami International Film Festival. 2013


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