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I arrived in Miami a few days ago and things are off to a flying start. Have met some fantastic crew, seen the tapes of some very talented local actors, and feeling now more than ever the reality of what is about to happen. After having this story swim around in my head for nearly 11 years it wil finally be told. Today, we were location scouting. We started at my father’s place, then snapped some photos at a local baseball field, then the diner, and finally the Bal Harbour synagogue. There I met Rabbi Lipskar, who has had a profound impact on not only my life but my mother’s, and our family. I had my briss there, as did my brother, and we were both Bar Mitzvahed there too. He recounted these stories from the old days, the days depicted in the story behind Calloused Hands. His stories caught me off guard and all the memories started flooding in. I suppose the writing of the story sort of distanced me from it. And then the nuts and bolts logistics of pulling a film together (finding locations, casting, crewing) removes you even further. There are so many little details that go into making a film you almost look at things in a microscopic way, focusing on details. But hearing those stories hit me hard, and reminded me why this story is important to tell, and why I am telling it now.